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Vatican rejects equality of faiths – The Vatican this week rejected the concept that other religions could be equal to Roman Catholicism in a complex theological document titled, “On the Unity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church.” It said that other Christian churches had “defects,” partly because they did not recognize the primacy of the Pope. At a news conference to present the document, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said some theologians were “manipulating and going beyond the limits” of tolerance when they put all religions on the same plane.

I don’t know… I’ve got a real problem with any religion that claims to be better than all others- doesn’t this type of sentiment just breed religious, social and racial intolerance? This document made clear that for the Vatican equality refers to the “personal dignity” of individuals and not to religious doctrine. But what happens to an individuals “personal dignity” when you tell them that what they believe in is wrong?

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