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DeCSS – If you have been following the DeCSS story at all, you’ll find this analysis of the court’s ruling by 2600 editior (and defendant in the case) Emmanuel Goldstein (Eric Corley) very interesting. If you haven’t been following, it’s probably too complicated to really get into here, but here are links to some articles and sites:

Features: DVD Code Cracker Sent Packing

Salon’s DeCSS Coverage

A professional opinion on DVD encryption from Bruce Schneier’s Cryptogram newsletter.

Looking for a copy of DeCSS?

Just go to and search for DeCSS. They will link you to thousands of sites. (incidentally, is owned by Disney -one of the companies represented by the MPAA in the case)

Or you can just go here for now.

Want to help the cause?

Distribute the code located here

Make a donation to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) who has been funding the defense in this case.

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