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Ok… here’s why I think the whole recording industry is screwed (aside from the fact that they screw artists and consumers on a regular basis): It’s not that I disagree with the fact that they have a right to control their copyrights. Intellectual property does need to be protected to a degree. But they’re the ones that sat back while technologies such as Napster set the standards for the future of online music distribution. They sat on their hands hoping that this was all just a ‘passing fad’, or hoping that everyone would just wait for them to get to the table. Well, sit idly by they did… Now Napster is 20 million users strong, and there are a dozen other programs just like it waiting to take its place. When they do, there won’t be much the industry can do about them – most of these programs are open-source and/or set up as distributed networks, meaning there is no central server, and no company to sue. Another thing that should be mentioned is that in the past year that Napster has been around, the recording industry has been showing record profits. In other words, the recording industry just pissed off 20 million people who were sampling music online and then buying… any bets on a boycott? I know I won’t be giving my money to the major labels anymore… screw them!

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