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My Tumblr Experiment

Over the past week I’ve started playing around with micro-blogging system Tumblr (see my Tumblelog here).  I’ve been using it to post images and quotes and videos and short links that I normally wouldn’t publish here and are not really appropriate for Twitter – stuff that when crammed into url shorteners and reduced to 140 chars just don’t really work.

I admit that I’m kinda spreading my online publishing a little thin between this site, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and etc, but I haven’t figured out if this fills in some little niche that wasn’t previously addressed, or if I’m just being silly and caught up in the newness (to me) of it, but I’m having fun with it and wanted to share it here.

Ideally all of this stuff will eventually come together somewhere (probably here in some form) to consolidate my online identity.  I’ve been playing around with ideas and really that’s what this is about – playing and learning and having fun – this is a personal site after all, and these are the things I’m interested in.  For now, check out my Tumblr for quick posts and images and silliness, this site for my travels and interests and longer form content, YouTube and Flickr for obvious reasons, and for a semi-constant stream of what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter.  Oh, and I almost forgot about my shared items on Google Reader.

I promise someday this will all make sense in a more cohesive context.