What a day of music! ¬†Started at 6:00 at the main festival grounds for The Stills from Montreal. ¬†I’ve only recently gotten into these guys, but really enjoyed their showing here.

Then we trekked across town to York Street for The Proclaimers who were great, but really I only know 2 songs of theirs, and they played them Рso cool, I guess.  The big blowout performance of the day for me goes to Arrested Development.  What a blast РYork Street was packed with people dancing their brains out.  This show made all the running around totally worth it!  I had a permanent smile on the whole show Рthe dancing, the singing, the rapping, the beats and the band, and what a party vibe it was!

Then we hiked back over to Lebreton for some Jackson Browne, and I scooted over to the Subway (you’ll always be The River Stage to me) Stage for a quick look at Steve Earle. ¬†Both shows were great from what I saw, but really nothing at this point for me could even hold a candle to what had happened at York Street earlier.

That is until I hit Maverick’s at midnight for Peter Murphy! ¬†I never really knew anything about this guy – other than he was with BauHaus, and had a track on the Pump Up The Volume (great movie!) soundtrack. ¬†After a late start, due to some issues with the sound system which forced them to scale back the show a bit, Peter took the stage and had the audience wrapped around his finger for the hour and a half show. ¬†That voice! ¬†That sound! ¬†The band was solid, and Peter’s vocal power and stage presence was just incredible. ¬†I’m so glad to have gotten a chance to see him at such an intimate space. ¬†Thanks to my good friend Jordan for the recommendation!

Only missed one show that I really wanted to see, DeVotchKa. ¬†The timing just didn’t work out – still, not bad for the amount of running around we did.

Tonight will be pretty light in terms of schedule – Hey Rosetta! at 7pm and then one of the acts I’ve most been looking forward to, Matisyahu at 9:30! ¬†I actually won two free tickets from Matis for tonight (I’m still blown away by the direct message from him over twitter!) – I’m so looking forward to this – I think I’m going to have to get right down front for a change!

Below is a video of Arrested Development performing their hit Mr. Wendall. ¬†Sorry for the shakey camera – hey, you try taking video on a still camera with no image stabilization and a party as rockin’ as this going on all around you!