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MyReader for Chrome

If you spend as much time in Google Reader as I do, and you hate the new Reader look as much as I do, and you happen to use Chrome – then perhaps you’d be interested in a little project I’ve spent the last couple of nights on – the MyReader Chrome Extension.

Optimized for readability, MyReader is designed for the way I like to use Google Reader.  I can’t promise a lot of updates and I offer this completely unwarranted as this is mainly a personal project to make the time I spend in Reader a little more comfortable, but I figured there might be a few others out there who may have a use for it, so here it is:

Download the extension

Update: Now on GitHub.

This extension borrows heavily from @dazchong’s Reeder For Chrome project. I stand on his shoulders in putting this together – without Reeder For Chrome, I would not have attempted this on my own. If you like Reeder on iOS, then perhaps you’d prefer his extension over mine.