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About Me

Hi, I’m Dave Samojlenko and I’m a web developer in Ottawa, Ontario.

I build web sites and web applications for a living, mostly for government clients, but I also have some of my own side projects.  I am also a part-time DJ, and sometimes I like to dabble in theatre, helping out a local company.

You can check out some of my code at Github and Gist.  Much of my web development experience is in PHP,  with a recent focus on the fantastic Laravel Framework, but I also have experience with .NET, ColdFusion, and some node.js.  I’ve also done a lot of work with Drupal, specifically the GoC WET-themed distribution community project.

You can follow me on Twitter but fair warning, I don’t post much there.

I sometimes post videos to YouTube.

Here’s my obligatory Facebook profile link.

And hey, why not: here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile.