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  • Tech Support Cheat Sheet: #
  • TIFF schedule is out today – thanks @moviemartyr for posting a scan: – now to put together a wishlist #tiff #
  • Listening to Peaches’ new album, I Feel Cream. It’s pretty awesome. #
  • RT @larry411: I’m sold on @TIFFReviews for #TIFF09 scheduling. Ties to Google Calendar, even shows end times. –TIFFReviews does indeed rock #
  • Making want list for #TIFF09, an exercise that may be futile – didn’t buy adv tix, so we’re at the mercy of the single-tix availability gods #
  • ok, this looks awesome: – “I don’t know… I’m on marijuana minutes.” – HBO’s Noir-otic Comedy Bored to Death #
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