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  • Practicing my franglaise #
  • off to QC for the weekend! #
  • stayed up late watching the 2 hour season finale of Lost – and huzzah, it was awesome. How long until the next season again? damn… #
  • is it me or did google news just get a slightly different look? it’s like the same, but different… #
  • pumped for the Lost season finale tonight – but I probably won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow… so uh, no spoilers k? #
  • Fox isn’t even going to air the season finale of Sit Down, Shut Up: #
  • Kevin Smith writing two new comic book miniseries: Batman The Widening Gyre, and a Green Hornet book based on the 2004 screenplay he wrote #
  • in a meeting with 6 people and only two people talking. pretty sure this could have just been a meeting of two people. #
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