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Bluesfest – The Rest

A little late coming, but here’s the wrap-up post for Bluesfest.  The last couple of days were fun – my biggest regret is missing Saturday – by all accounts a highlight of the festival this year.  I had to work that night and couldn’t go.  Next year I swear I’m not missing a single night – I won’t book any DJ gigs during the run – and I’m taking the days off work too.

So Friday night was Metric – and they put on a wicked show.  I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to see them.  Earlier on I caught the end of Balkan Beat Box who seemed like they’d be fun – but I was still hunting for food, booze and people during their performance so not paying much attention.  The mainstage act was Great Big Sea – and there seemed to be a pretty big crowd out for them – we just caught a few minutes at the very end after Metric had wrapped up.  I’m just not so much into the Celtic music so much… sorry!

On Sunday I caught some of Sean Paul, who I didn’t care much for before, and didn’t care much for after – guess it’s just not my thing.  Caught Sam Roberts Band – who were good, but I was catching up with friends who’d just returned from a vacation and didn’t pay as much attention as I’d have liked (man, isn’t that the story of my Bluesfest…) though from what I caught they were quite good.

Donna Summer was the headliner for the evening closing out Bluesfest with what has become the traditional disco party Sunday.  She was great fun – put on a big bright performance with all the requisite backup dancers and costume changes and glitz and glam you’d expect from a disco diva.  She was pimping her new album pretty hard so there was lots of stuff I didn’t know – but she hit a number of fun classics too.

So that was Bluesfest for me: it’s all becoming a bit of a blur now.  There were lessons learned, festival friends made, and lots of great (if hazy) memories.  Can’t wait for next year!

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