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Bluesfest Day 1 – Aftermath

Ok, so much for my list…  I caught the end of Secret Machines – who I’m sure were very good, but I was too busy tracking down food and booze and people… ended up meeting up with Scott and friends who were great company – but we spent much time catching up and not so much running around like my sched would have required – no biggie, it was good to catch up.

Saw TV on the Radio – well, kinda heard them while catching up with the gang – unfortunately was in line for the bathroom during Staring at the Sun, the only song of theirs I know.

Totally missed Fiftymen and The Blind Boys of Alabama – really wish I could have caught them, but what can you do.  The Hip, well they were great as always.  Not the best performance of theirs I’ve seen, but then I’ve seen them a hell of a lot.  I wish I was 10 years younger and could have gotten closer to the stage – thank god for the big screens.  Good times all in all, but I’m gonna have to get moving if I want to make a dent in my possibly impossible list of acts I want to see.

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