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Month: September 2004

ohh baby, it’s a wild world…

Cat Stevens, known as Yusuf Islam since he became a muslim in the 70’s, is apparently on the U.S. Homeland Security Watch List. A flight to Washington on which he was a passenger was diverted to Maine and he is now set to be deported, due to activites allegedly linking him to terrorism.

Gotta love The Register

Some dude from Ottawa has invented a nose-operated mouse, called a “Nouse.” The Register had this to say:

For 3D orientation, two webcams track the user’s snout and cunning software works out the distance from the PC, blah blah blah.

Excuse our sudden loss of interest in the scientific background to this earth-shattering innovation, but it is without a doubt the most singularly pointless waste of technology since someone bolted two wheels to a pogo stick and called it a Segway.

Gmail Invites

Got a Gmail account yet? Want one? I’ve got a stack to give away, so if you’ve been wanting to see what the fuss is all about, lemme know…


I’m not able to vote in the coming presidential election, being a Canadian and all, but here’s some incentive for you American readers out there: Jim and James of Hot or Not fame are giving away $100,000 to someone who registers to vote through their site.

The right to vote is one of the most important responsibilities held by members of a democracy. If that’s not enough to get you out to the polls, then maybe cold hard cash will. What are you waiting for? Get Registered already!

Burning Man Links

Burning Man was this weekend. Unable to attend this year, Petr (my travel partner from previous years), myself and a handful of friends went to a cottage Sunday night and burned a lot of stuff. And yeah, and we drank a lot too. I took tons of pictures and will post them soon, but for now here are some much more interesting pictures from Burning Man 2004. I’ll keep adding links to this post as I find them.

Jason Calacanis’ Photos (Part One)

Some great shots in this collection of galleries from the Reno Gazette-Journal

Actually, the Reno Gazette-Journal has a whole section dedicated to Burning Man, The Road to Burning Man 2004

A brief article on Wiredand its accompanying Photo Gallery