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Month: October 2002

dave is…

Here’s what google thinks of me. Find out what google thinks of you, your friends, or anything at

dave is back

dave is a mac

dave is hott

dave is a million

dave is sure to attack

dave is playing now

dave is listening

dave is offended by an inadvertent “t”

dave is sick

dave is funnier then me

dave is out

dave is a rock band

dave is so fine

dave is a lazy bastard

dave is not a smurf

dave is a microsoft excel training specialist

dave is a sexy bastard

dave is dynamic

dave is so cool

dave is just too damn

dave is way cool awesome

dave is behind

dave is ok

dave is the man

dave is working on cool

dave is cooler than me

dave is a sucker

dave is a monkey

dave is a hotty

dave is godly

dave is a trivia whiz and it’s fun to watch him show off his talent

dave is interviewed by a man in black concerning skeptical shaun

dave is being sued for breach of contract

dave is going shopping in china town

dave is a lucky guy

dave is late

dave is dave

dave is going on vacation

dave is a veteran science specialist living in the wonderful piedmont triad

dave is definately fuckable

dave is real

dave is 5

dave is so cool 8/1/2001

dave is just too damn cool

dave is serious fun

dave is faster than me

dave is away on vacation

dave is not mixing it up anymore

dave is a sixteen year old boy at southerton comprehensive

dave is a puppy

dave is not the sort of person who makes enemies

dave is searching for something new

dave is producing a new album for reggae legend jimmy cliff

dave is swing dancing

dave is a stupid horse

dave is an experienced unix administrator

dave is the man

dave is happy to offer advice to people starting out in motor cycle racing

dave is recognized as a terrific program builder

dave is serious

dave is a million

dave is the right choice

dave is out

dave is dynamic

dave is real

Iron in his thighs?

Thanks to Heather, I enjoyed a little stumble down memory lane today. I love the internet. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here are the lyrics to the show’s theme song:


hero of song and story


winner of ancient glory

fighting for the right

fighting with his might

with the strength of ten

ordinary men


people are safe when near him


only the evil fear him

softness in his eyes

iron in his thighs

virtue in his heart

fire in every part

of the mighty


Think Posativ

What’s up with the new look already??? Well, as you may remember I recently lost the domain I thought about trying to get it back, and in fact have found out that it wouldn’t really be all that difficult… but have decided against it. I’ve decided to start using another domain that I’ve owned for a while, which I personally prefer: – it’s the name of my multimedia and web design company. I think it’s kinda catchy: think.posativ

hope you enjoy the new look – as always, you can bitch about it.

Oh yeah – one more thing: this new site looks friggin’ crazy in Netscape 4.x – if you’re still using that dumb-ass browser then you can suffer. I’m not designing for that piece of crap anymore. The site looks just dandy in Netscape 6.x and Internet Explorer.

Search Results

It seems I’ve been getting quite a number of people refered to my site via searches for the Nimbus 2000. A quick followup reveals that Amazon has completely removed the entry from their database. I guess they couldn’t keep up with demand.

I’ve also had a few people arriving at my site looking for camel saddles. I’m sorry, I don’t have any. And I really have no idea where to get them. But if you’re interested, I do have an unlikely superhero.