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Month: August 2002

"Hello pot, this is kettle…"

So the head of News Corp. (Fox Broadcasting), the network that has brought us shows like Temptation Island, When Animals Attack, Celebrity Boxing, and Worlds Worst Car Crashes, has the nuts to lecture us all about morality on the internet? He comments that “The prevalence of pornographic Web sites and e-mails is a lot more than an insult to common decency, It’s an increasing reason to keep kids and families off the internet. And these are only part of the virtual logjam of valueless clutter.” And just what value has the clutter on your network been providing to kids and families, Peter? What a pillar of common decency your network has been to us all – where else do we get to watch washed up child stars pummel the crap out of each other for another 15 minutes? Thank you Fox – thanks for showing us the way… you’re right – let’s forget this “internet thing” and get back to watching COPS and 30 Seconds to Fame – if we hurry, maybe we’ll catch “Rapping Granny” again!

Big Dumb Idiot

That’s me. I burnt the crap out of my left hand this weekend – putting on a drunken fireworks display. Stupid thing exploded in my hand, firing backwards and hitting me in the chest. I’m probably pretty lucky. Hell, I’m typing this with both hands. What if it had been worse? I make my living with these hands. I really gotta be more careful. And not drink so much. Ok, just be more careful.

Sometimes in life when you have wanted one thing for so long that you start to lose sight of just what it was you were after, cosmic forces and coincidence allow you to have that very thing you’ve been chasing, if only for a moment – so that when it’s gone again, you are left with a desire and drive to achieve stronger than before. It’s one of the little tricks life pulls on us. It’s a trick because we all tend to believe that whenever we catch that one thing we’re after, that true happiness will be magically bestowed upon us. But life wants to let us know that the greatest experience, the real thrills in life – lie in the pursuit.