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Month: August 2001

Support RAWA wow… some really disturbing images and stories on this site. RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) has collected images and stories of atrocities being committed by the Taliban and fundamentalists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These people are risking everything in the name of freedom, democracy and women’s rights – which, under Taliban rule, are pretty much non-existent. Among the seemingly endless list of activities banned by the Taliban: taking pictures of people and animals, using the internet, educating girls, badmouthing the government. Seeing things like this really helps put your own life into perspective.

Canada Goes to Pot – An American’s take on the rumblings throughout our home and native land. Memorable quote: “In fact one of the most surprising things, at least from an American perspective, about Canada’s legalization of medical marijuana was that it faced no organized opposition. In sharp contrast to the U.S., almost no one in Canada was willing to speak out against a patient’s right to what can be reasonably defended as medicine.” That’s ’cause we’re reasonable people. Oh yeah, and we like our pot.