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Month: July 2001

A step in the right direction… On Monday, Canada became the first country in the world where terminally ill patients can grow and smoke their own marijuana. The Canadian Medical Association had some reservations: “These regulations are placing Canadian physicians and their patients in the precarious position of attempting to access a product that has not gone through the normal protocols of rigorous pre-market testing.” … hmm. I dunno – millions of people smoking the stuff for decades with the only obvious side effect being the munchies seems like enough testing to me.

One year, less a day… Wow – blogbynight will be 1 year old tomorrow! Guess I’ll go drinking… Sorry about not posting much these days – it’s been really busy at work, and it’s just too damn hot to work on my computer at home… if I have time, over the next day or so I’ll re-post some of my favourite links from the past year, and hopefully some new ones. I wish I could promise more. Thanks to all my faithful readers – there are a few… no, really.

Oh, Brother… The Worst Show On Television® can’t get ratings, so it’s hoping to make some bucks by charging for internet feeds. CBS announced this week that it will begin charging for access to streaming internet video feeds from Big Brother 2. Brilliant. Now maybe the damn show will finally die. Ryan Cooper, 16, from Wichita, Kansas had this to say: “If this is how CBS is going to treat the fans, then I say screw them. I’ll spend the summer with my girlfriend.” I’m sure his girlfriend is really happy that she beat out Big Brother 2…. but only ’cause he was going to have to pay for it.

I know, it’s a little late… ok, so I probably should have posted this a couple of days ago, but like all true Canadians, I was drunk all weekend and completely unable to operate my computer. Follow the link above to an old favourite, Canadian World Domination – a site dedicated to “The systematic destruction and sublimation of all opposing our inevitable Canadian reign – and the polite, yet horrifically brutal, control of our future territories of conquest.”

And, what the hell is up with Edmonton? Canada Day celebrations there turned into riots as revellers poured out onto the street after last call. Hardly the Canadian way, eh?