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Month: June 2001

Drug War Judges:

“I thought this was a good job before I got it. I didn’t come here to put away poor people for low-level, nonviolent drug crimes, but that’s what the job amounts to. All you can do is bitch about it.”

“They make you do ungodly things in the drug war if you’re a judge.”

“The trouble is, I have to look the person in the eye at sentencing.”

“It used to be a defense lawyer’s skill was in convincing a judge and jury on the facts and the law. Now the skill in being a lawyer is who can run to the U.S. attorney’s office quicker and snitch. That’s what the law is — who can snitch best”

“I don’t give the prosecutors trouble. They know what a joke the drug war is.”

“The only people that don’t know what’s up are the policymakers in Washington.”

Skip Swordfish – “Note to Hollywood: Code for worms is not typically created using AutoCAD, and even expert programmers cannot visualize 512-bit encryption keys and factor them just by thinking really, really hard.” Baahahahahahahahaha!

Oh god, that was fun! Vegas was incredible. I have lots of pictures – promise, I’ll post some soon. What a party is all I have to say for now, though… what a party…

What-what-what!?!? Please, say it ain’t so! I feel sick…

Netscape is finally calling it quits! This was my favourite bit of news upon my return.

The worst bit of news I got upon my return The police officer in this article and his fiancé are good friends of mine. They are supposed to be married in a month – I’m DJing their wedding. He is not yet consious, but in stable condition. What a horrible thing to happen… Brendan and Angie, my prayers are with you.