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Month: December 2000

Happy New Year Everyone! …I won’t be back until middle of next week, since I’ll be preparing/partying/recovering over the next four and a half days. Incidentally, if you’re in Ottawa and you’re looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve, follow the link at the beginning of this entry and contact me.

blog by night has it’s first redesign! Thought a winter theme would be in order… (damn! that means I’ll have to redesign again in a few months… oh well – redesigning can be fun!) Not everything’s working just yet, but should be by end of day. Comments? e-mail me

Paula Jones doesn’t bare enough for the Mandingo Warriors – David Joyner, a Texas prisoner serving time for robbery and assault, sued Penthouse Magazine because their December pictorial of Paula Jones was not revealing enough. He claimed that it caused him to be “very mentally hurt and angered” and sought $500,000 in damages. In the lawsuit he identified himself as the Minister of Law of the Mandingo Warriors prison gang. Here’s the best part: U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks dismissed the lawsuit with a 12-line poem and a $250 fine for filing a frivolous legal motion. That’s right. A poem: “Twas the night before Christmas and all through the prison, inmates were planning their new porno mission. … The minute his Penthouse issue arrived, the Minister ripped it open to see what was inside. But what to his wondering eyes should appear — not Paula Jones’ promised privates, but only her rear. Life has its disappointments. Some come out of the blue but that doesn’t mean a prisoner should sue.” I think I like this judge.

Closet soldier busted! – While her friends were hiding beer and fake ID’s in their closets, this 15-year-old hid an AWOL soldier complete with a neatly-kept bed, some canned food and a Bible. The soldier was arrested after the mother discovered the live-in arrangement, and is currently awaiting trial on charges of “illegal use of a minor” and “corruption of a minor”