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Month: September 2000

Behind the Curtain: a day in the life of webloggers – Here’s the description of this event from the website:

“‘BEHIND THE CURTAIN: a day in the life of webloggers’ is purely an attempt to help break down our preconceptions. in our online writings, we ‘assume’ we know each other. humans, being extremely visual animals, create images of the individual on the other end of that internet connection. there are a few of us who think it’s time to test our notions of one another, show where we live, and to understand a bit better how … and even possibly why … each of us choose to weblog.

The participants, over a 24 hour period, were to take pictures of their environment and put together a photo album depicting a ‘day in the life.’ Here’s my contribution.

Low scores for NBC – It seems NBC’s taped coverage of the Sydney games is a bit of a tough sell. So far NBC has averaged a 14.3 Nielsen rating for its prime-time coverage, a lower rating than any other Olympics on record. Apparently everybody’s just flocking to the internet for the information they want, when they want it. Those stupid bastards – how could they ever expect everybody to just wait for them… the internet is real and it’s here and people don’t take kindly to big networks force-feeding them time-delayed crap coverage. Now, in order to make good on its $700 million investment, NBC will likely be adding extra commercials to its broadcast… way to go – send the rest of your viewers to the net! And they’re sticking to their guns on the issue too: “We are going to keep our original plan of carrying it all on tape, because there are several complications as to why it makes it difficult to try and air some stuff live and some on tape,” according to Camryn Blanchard, a spokeswoman for NBC. Wow, thanks for enlightening us, Camryn.

Geek out at the IT Olympics – Sydney, Australia may be getting all the attention these days, but all the real fun’s being had in Sydney, South Dakota at the Information Technology Olympics! With events like the Software Buyathlon, where teams battle to purchase the right software at the right price, and Code Wrestling, where competitors struggle to force incompatible code from incompatible applications using incompatible versions into one beautifully integrated program, these Olympics are sure to capture the hearts of Geeks the world over. And be sure not to miss the CPU Tower jumps!